We enjoy the support of a strong network of friends and partner organisations – thank you!

Landcare Tasmania
We were one of the first Landcare groups in Tasmania and we’ve been members of Landcare Tasmania since it formed as a peak body in 1994. We appreciate the advocacy and practical support Landcare have provided us over the years. We always look forward to the Landcare conferences and awards as an opportunity to refresh, network and learn from other Landcarers and Coastcarers. We were delighted to receive the Community Coastcare Award in 2005.

Parks & Wildlife Service and Crown Land Services
We enjoy a long standing and very effective partnership with local PWS officers, especially in the care of Sloping Island, Spectacle Islands, Carlton River estuary and our coastline. Crown Land Services provide important authority and some resources for our work along the coast. We’ve developed many strategies in conjunction with the Parks & Wildlife Service and Sorell Council, including the Foreshore Access Management Strategy in 2002 and built foreshore steps and walkways at Red Ochre Beach, Blue Lagoon, Carlton Beach and Samuel Thorne Reserve.

Sorell Council
Since establishing Payeena Reserve together in 1992 we have worked to establish Parnella, Jacks Flat, Casurina, Samuel Thorne Reserves and continue to jointly manage the Dodges Ferry Recreation Reserve. We’ve developed many strategies in conjunction with Sorell Council and the Parks & Wildlife Service, including the Foreshore Access Management Strategy in 2002 and drafted the Dodges Ferry Recreation Reserve Action Plan in 2009.

Birdlife Tasmania
Birdlife Tasmania provides hands on experiences for community education and help us develop local knowledge of birds and their habitat. We greatly appreciate the expertise offered by Eric Woehler, especially at our community events including Salthmarsh Sunday and A Day on the Marsh on 2016.

Dodges Ferry Primary School. Each year we donate a book to the school as a Grade 6 award or library resource. Over the years we’ve worked on many project s with the school, including care for the wetland by Okines Beach and the neighbouring park, excursions and Coastcare events including Andrew Hughes’ visit to Park Beach in 2012.

Sorell School
We enjoy a long standing partnership with Sorell School through the wonderful work of Moya Sharpe. There have been many working bees bringing Sorell students to weed and plant at Blue Lagoon, Park Beach, Carlton Beach, Red Ochre Beach and Samuel Thorne Reserve. The children bring a lot of enthusiasm and many hands working consistently over many years has made a significant difference in restoring important habitat along our coastline and wetlands.

Dodges Ferry School Association Inc
We are proud to be on the Friends of Lagoon Park group from the ground up, especially the cumbungi busting and the way the project has helped reinforce the connections between the school, Okines Community House & Garden and Southern Beaches Historical Society and other local stakeholders. We traditionally have a stall at the school fairs sharing information about local plants and selling native seedlings. In August 2016 the fabulous School Association crew ran the BBQ at A Day on the Marsh.

Okines Community House and Garden
We love working with Okines for the benefit of the community, sharing in the vision as we bring people together to care for our special places and learn together. We’ve had joint working bees, planted at Okines, advised on the local wetlands and provenance garden, and each November we had a stall at the Dodges Ferry/Southern Beaches Markets.

NRM South
‘Bite size’ and ‘Naturally Inspired’ grants have funded a swag of initiatives over the years. In our 25th year we hosted A Day on the Marsh to celebrate our precious wetlands and engage local people in learning about the features of the saltmarsh at the mouth of the Carlton River.

Southern Beaches Historical Society
Moya Sharpe and Judy Pearson have been wonderful to work with in celebrating the natural and human history of our area. In 2007 we worked together to secure Samuel Thorne Reserve at Lewisham and since 2008 have been involved in activities that recognise the Ralph Dodge legacy at the Okines Beach area now known as Lagoon Park.

Southern Beaches Regional Arts

Southern Coastcare Association of Tasmania Inc

Understory Network

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