Grants & awards

Volunteering Tasmania Environment Award

In May 2016 one of our founding members Marina Campbell was thrilled to be presented with a Volunteering Tasmania environment award, recognising her skill and dedication as a member of both Southern Beaches Landcare Coastcare and the Friends of Maatsuyker Island Wildcare group. Very well deserved!

Marina Campbell (left) being presented her award by Governor Kate Warner at Government House, Hobart, 8 May 2016

State Government Weeds Action Fund – Sloping Island (‘Slopen Island’)

Southern Beaches Landcare Coastcare received a 2019 State Government Weeds Action Fund Stage 1 grant for weed management work on Sloping Island (also known as Slopen Island) and engaged the team at ECO Works to undertake follow up management of weeds on the island, in particular, Serrated tussock, Spanish heath and African Boxthorn. Fortunately the project was able to go ahead and the work was completed in Autumn 2020 with adjustments to adhere to COVID19 distancing regulations. (Link to Report prepared by Eco Works for the Southern Beaches Landcare Coastcare Inc. below)

This is the fourth time that our group has been involved in a project to manage weeds on Sloping Island. Early projects involved volunteers from Southern Beaches Landcare Coastcare and Sorell District School collecting seed, propagating and growing of tube stock and planting on the island to shade out Serrated tussock. Later projects have funded contractors undertaking follow up treatment of remaining infestations. Our efforts have been very successful – So successful that locals familiar with the view of Sloping Island from Park Beach can see the difference!

In 2015 a comprehensive natural and cultural values survey of Sloping Island was undertaken by the Hamish Saunders Memorial Trust in partnership with the Natural and Cultural Heritage division of DPIPWE. Read all about this fascinating island here; and look for it on the horizon next time you walk along Park Beach.

Other Grants/Awards

  • Landcare Tasmania’s Community Coastcare Award (2005)

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